Jamestown Steel is as legendary as Valyrian Steel

Nothing Cuts Like Valyrian Steel

In the world of Game of Thrones, no weapon is feared or desired as much as a sword made from Valyrian Steel.  Forged in the ancient Valyrian Freehold by a process now lost, this steel needed the assistance of dragons and magic to achieve its legendary strength and durability.  Only a Valyrian Steel sword is effective against the dreaded White Walkers.  Because no more Valyrian Steel can ever be made, every weapon forged from it is treasured by its owner.

Dragon Fire Not Required

Fortunately, the techniques needed to produce Jamestown steel products are well understood, and indeed, are constantly being refined and improved.  Far from being lost in the mists of time, Jamestown’s manufacturing plant employs the most modern equipment to ensure speed and precision in processes such as automated welding and profiling using plasma, oxy-fuel and water-jet cutting.  Dragon fire and blood magic are not considered necessary.

The Best There Is

The master-blacksmiths of Qohor, deep in their forest, are the only craftsmen who can successfully reforge Valyrian Steel into new weapons.  The state-of-the-art Jamestown site is easier to find and can offer more reliable turnaround times; but our knowledge of the higher mysteries of steel fabrication is also something of a legend.  Jamestown steel may not be as rare as the Valyrian sort, but it is equally exceptional.


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