Syston and Station Road Bridges- Rail Service Upgrades Use the Best in Steel

When it comes to upgrading rail services, particularly for electrification and the modernisation of old railway tracks, those entrusted with this work look for the best in materials.

This is why the upgrading of two major road bridges in Cossington and Loughborough in Leicestershire required the very best steel available, and the contractors turned to Jamestown to provide the steel beams for this project. Syston Road in Cossington required forty-two-tonne beams, and Station Road in Loughborough, fifty-five.

Jamestown was ideally suited to provide these components, as it has many years of experience in providing high-quality steel components to main contractors and fabricators in the UK rail sector and has worked with them on dozens of projects.

Network Rail “Impressed”

The work on Syston Road bridge in Cossington was started in October 2016, and completed a month ahead of schedule in March 2017, to the delight of the engineering team of Network Rail. The old bridge was demolished overnight, and its replacement was constructed in stages over weekend nights, to reduce disruption to the Midland Main Line.

Station Road in Loughborough was another success story for Jamestown and Network Rail, as well as for the contractors, J. Murphy & Sons. Completed ahead of time on the CP5 Midland Main Line electrification programme, Jamestown’s expertise in the steel sector of the rail industry was one of several factors that made it the supplier of choice for this important work.

More to come

Electrification of old railway lines is taking place right across the UK, and in many locations, this will require the adaptation and modernisation of existing infrastructure, both road and rail. High-quality steel will be one of the major components, requiring the best in the way of suppliers. That is likely to mean more work for Jamestown.