23rd February 2018

by Jamestown

One of our regular clients here at Jamestown is Cimpina, a family-run specialist in engineering and coded welding. Cimpina has been serving the Marine, Offshore, Petrochemical and Utility sectors for more than 25 years with its Mechanical Services and Specialist Repair Divisions. Cimpina’s skilled workforce takes a methodical approach working with a variety of metals, plastics and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) composites which include:

15th February 2018

by Jamestown

Here at Jamestown, we take pride in our work and in supplying our clients with exactly what they need to get the job done.  Never more so than when the job is recognised with an award, as was the remodelling work on the Integrated Ticket Hall at Farringdon Station in London.  The redevelopment work at Farringdon Station is part of the ThamesLink programme, a 68-station mainline route in the British railway system that runs 140 miles from north to south and serving both Gatwick and Luton airports.  The ThamesLink programme is a massive £5.5 billion scheme to extend this service to another 100 stations and increase capacity on the central London section to accommodate longer and more frequent trains.

2nd February 2018

by Jamestown

Jamestown have capabilities in the production of steel products that are out of this world.

Traditional conventions of how steel can be used does not limit what can be achieved. Size, curves, strength and durability are qualities that make steel an adaptable and flexible material and Jamestown relish the challenges posed by any new project.

2nd February 2018

by Jamestown

Steel is an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements, it delivers a high tensile strength at reasonably low costs, making it a major component in infrastructure, buildings, ships, cars, machinery, weapons and tools.  Without steel, many of the famous buildings, bridges and other structures we have today would never have been created.  The strength offered using steel has led to developments in architecture, building technology, industrial machinery, automobiles, shipbuilding and other technologies so the modern world relies heavily on the use of steel. 

16th January 2018

by Jamestown

Nothing Cuts Like Valyrian Steel

In the world of Game of Thrones, no weapon is feared or desired as much as a sword made from Valyrian Steel.  Forged in the ancient Valyrian Freehold by a process now lost, this steel needed the assistance of dragons and magic to achieve its legendary strength and durability.  Only a Valyrian Steel sword is effective against the dreaded White Walkers.  Because no more Valyrian Steel can ever be made, every weapon forged from it is treasured by its owner.

21st December 2017

by Jamestown

A company which makes machines to cut grass with the precision needed for a perfect lawn can appreciate the accuracy of Jamestown’s plasma cutting techniques.

The Company

Founded in 1976, Major Equipment Intl. Ltd.  Is a family firm based in Ballyhaunis, Co. Mayo, which also has offices in the UK and the Netherlands.  Employing 95 people, the company currently exports all over the world, and envisions a future including expansion in the European Union.

1st September 2017

by Jamestown

In Chorley, Lancashire, Jamestown supplied plate girders which enabled the restoration of a famous piece of railway history.

The Chorley Flying Arches

Built in 1841, the sixteen flying arches braced retaining walls on either side of the rail line between Manchester and Preston. They are believed to be the last surviving examples of their kind in the United Kingdom. However, electrification of the line meant that overhead clearance had to be increased. Plans were therefore made for the track to be lowered, and at the same time it was decided that the brick and stone arches would be reinforced by underlying curved steel beams, which would need to be exactly matched to the varying width and curvature of the masonry.

25th August 2017

by Jamestown

Responding to Political Uncertainty

Recent political events such as the Brexit vote and the British election result have led to uncertainty in the construction industry; this is true particularly with regard to projects in the City of London and other major business centres. Jamestown Manufacturing Ltd. recognises these challenges and is ready to respond.