In a sector that demands the highest possible levels of testing and traceability, designers and main contractors look for suppliers with the best reputations for heavy precision engineering.  Margins for error are extremely small.

Jamestown has invested heavily in plant and training to ensure that the company is able to deal with the industry’s increasing demands for accuracy and short lead times.

Jamestown Steel supplies finished and semi-finished steel components for port and crane applications, rubber-tyred gantry legs and cross beams, as well as ship to shore cranes.  It is a sector that requires extreme precision, and Jamestown Steel offers the experience, expertise and engineering quality that meets the demands placed upon it.  Jamestown is continually striving to improve its inspection and quality control processes to ensure that the customer’s most demanding specifications can be met first time.  Their success in quality control is evidenced by their high level of repeat business.

The Cygnus Project at Burnt Island off the coast of Fife in Scotland, a development of one of the largest gas fields in the United Kingdom, used Jamestown Steel for heavy steel beam plate girders used in the fabrication of four large cranes.  The North Sea is one of the most challenging marine environments in the world.

An unusual marine environment at London’s Canary Wharf, the UK’s leading business district,  is the setting fora prestigious members’ club being constructed with a steel frame above the salt water of Middle Dock.  Jamestown’s weathering steel was used to solve the problem of constructing a corrosion-resistant base layer next to the water.

Jamestown Steel’s heavy components are to be found in the marine sector wherever excellent levels of precision, together with tightest tolerances, are the most important factors when it comes to choosing the engineering contractors who will supply those components.

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