Jamestown Manufacturing first became associated with motorway construction through the supply of its steel plate girders, essential components of motorway bridges, and they were much in demand as the motorway network in Ireland and UK began to expand.  Their plate girders were not only of very high quality; Jamestown Steel also had a reputation for delivering on time and within budget.

Largely as a result of the increasing demand for their components, Jamestown invested heavily in equipment and resources, and, alongside the extra capacity that the investment brought, they developed a quality management system to comply with the National Highway Sector Schemes 20 (NHSS 20).  This demanding and essential qualification interprets ISO 9001 to ensure that the levels of workmanship, services, products, testing, and the training and competency of personnel meets the specification requirements for each sector. This also required the approval of the Register of Qualified Steelwork Contractors (RQSC), who exercise stringent controls of the quality of the work of their registered members.

It was not long before Jamestown Manufacturing was being asked to supply and install complete bridges, as well as their components, motorway sign gantries and steel profiles.  Main contractors and fabricators, as well as structural engineering companies, quickly recognised the quality of Jamestown’s products and grew to value their expertise.

Three of the bridges on the A30 in South West England, as well as motorway overpasses on the N6 and N4 in Ireland, are among the key projects in which Jamestown Manufacturing has been involved.

Trial Erection Facilities

Jamestown Manufacturing’s trial erection facilities at their premises at Portarlington are a major factor in its success in this field.  The bridges are assembled and thoroughly checked, before being painted and delivered to the site.  This massively reduces the risks associated with site work, ensuring that the fit and alignment of the components is accurate and that any necessary adjustments may be made before delivery.  Jamestown Manufacturing’s own experienced and expert workforce is therefore on hand and available to clients as the erected and assembled projects are tested, measured, inspected, and approved.

Precast Concrete

Jamestown Manufacturing has built excellent relationships with suppliers in the concrete industry and has worked alongside precast concrete suppliers in many projects.  Our trial erections often use the concrete lintels and bases that form part of the completed structure, and our steel is used in precast concrete components for the composite deck and U-deck bridges.  Jamestown Manufacturing clients have derived great benefit from the strong links we have formed with other essential suppliers to the motorway sector.

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Jamestown weld U deck U-deck camber curve steel tee deck filler deck Shrivenham rail bridge overbridge JE1126  - Rail - Shrivenham - JE1126