Jamestown Manufacturing has an excellent reputation in the field of Railway Engineering and has worked closely with main contractors and fabricators.  The quality of their deck beams, edge beams, U-decks, trapezoidal box beams and other heavy steel components, together with the efficiency of their ‘just in time’ delivery systems, hugely beneficial in those areas where storage space is at a premium, has ensured that they are high on the list of preferred suppliers.

Where railway engineering is concerned, particularly where construction or repair and renovation work is taking place in the built environment, precision engineering comes into its own.  There are nearly always strict timetables in place to ensure that disruption to trade and local businesses, and well as inconvenience to local residents, is kept to a minimum.   The installation of the ninety-tonne bridge at Custom House Station in London, part of the Crossrail project, was a case in point.  One weekend had been allocated for the bridge to be lifted into place by two huge cranes.

The trial erection facility at Portarlington plays an important part in ensuring that components delivered to the site are ‘right first time’ when they are moved into their final positions.  Any adjustments or corrections will have been carried out with the expert assistance of Jamestown Manufacturing’s own fabricators and engineers.

There is no sector in modern infrastructure that places a greater requirement on the quality of the precision engineering of heavy steel components than Rail, and Jamestown Manufacturing is proud to be at the forefront of the suppliers in this field.

Reading station weld curved steel Jamestown columns train aesthetic JE0509  - Rail - Reading - JE0509