Jamestown Manufacturing experience and expertise in the structural steel sector has made it the supplier of choice for a wide range of components, from small individual fittings to the largest plate and box girders.  Jamestown supplies cellular beams and heavy fabricated sections to leading firms across the construction industry, and prides itself on the fact that many of its orders are repeat business from satisfied clients.

Jamestown Manufacturing has been building its unrivalled reputation for high-quality precision engineering in steel for over twenty years.   All the work it carries out is certified to EN 1090, and it is qualified to supply components that comply with the Factory Production Control certification level of Execution Class 4.  This is the highest level that can be awarded, and it is only granted to fabricators and engineers who have proved they can work to extremely demanding standards.

Jamestown’s nine-hectare site is one of the largest in the British Isles, and the company is constantly investing in plant and machinery to update its production processes.  The company is able to fabricate beams of exceptional size, such as those spanning the Westfield Shopping City in east London.

Increasingly, Jamestown works with architects and engineers on higher-end projects where the demand is not only for extreme precision, but also for steelwork which will be exposed as an integral part of the visual component of a building.  Jamestown has successfully completed projects where the level of finish required was well above NSSS specification.

An example of attention to visual impact, as well as versatility, is the gold award-winning ‘pink pod’ at Chelsea Flower Show, for which Jamestown fabricated the steel plates.

Jamestown has established a reputation for bespoke projects where particular requirements, such as beams with unusual curvature, are specified, or where exceptional precision is called for.    For the residential project at the former Olympic Village in Stratford, London, for example, brackets were fabricated with tolerances as small as +/-0.25 millimetres.

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