Cellular Beams

Cellular beams are one of the most important developments in heavy steel engineering, and we are specialists in this field.  Steelwork contractors are turning to this simple and cost-effective option in ever increasing numbers as its versatility and strength is recognised, and Jamestown Steel is frequently the supplier of choice.  We can supply carcass lengths, or made to measure beams, in both large volumes or as single units.  We pride ourselves on meeting our customers’ requirements.


Long spans of cellular beams can be flexible.  The production process allows the sections to be pre-cambered during production, and the spans can then be used to support roofs in column-free internal spaces.  This is enormously advantageous, not only in the matter of building costs, but also in design, where space in the finished structure is almost certainly at a premium.  Provided they are spaced in a way that ensures the structural strength of the beam is not compromised, the openings in cellular beams make them easier to handle and position than more traditional designs, as well as allowing service zones to be run through the beams.

In most cases, circular openings are adequate, provided there is adequate shear resistance in the remaining steel.  These are the most efficient, both structurally and economically, and are usually large enough for the required service distribution.  Where larger openings are necessary, we can offer the more costly rectangular openings, but these will almost certainly require stiffening.

The size and positioning of the openings will depend entirely upon the design of the project, and here our expert teams of fabricators and production engineers are available to advise and assist.  Whether you require a series of cellular beams for a new fabrication project, or a single unit to strengthen or reinforce an existing structure, Jamestown Steel will be able to provide high quality steel beams to meet your exact requirements.

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