Our fabrication service is of an extremely high quality, and is best suited to large, one-off welded components.

Jamestown Steel is renowned for its heavy precision engineering, and our clients range from artists who are looking for a precisely shaped piece of steel for a unique sculpture to architects and engineers who are working on off-shore, structural or architectural projects.

We have fabricated dock fenders for an oil refinery, and the new grandstand at Curragh, the world-famous racecourse, owes much to the massive steel node supporting the beams that project from the roof.  Where heavy steel is involved, and precision engineering is required, Jamestown Steel is the supplier of choice for engineers, architects and artists.

We have expert welders and fabricators.  We operate to the BS3834-2 standard, and we have heavy crane capacity, extensive factory space, and plate profiling facilities.

If it’s difficult and heavy, we are the best choice you can make.

Fabricating Very Large Plate Girders - Plate Girders - UK