Oxy Profiling

Our superb oxy-fuel profiling systems are one of the reasons why Jamestown Steel has an unrivalled reputation for precision engineering, particularly when it comes to heavy steel components.

We have four gantries, as well as stand-alone units, which allow us to profile any grade of steel in thicknesses from 10 mm to 200 mm.  Our multi-torch machines are ideal for batch and volume production orders.

Large profiles are no problem.  We have an overall length of thirty-six metres, with a four metre width.

Our machines ensure a clean, square-edged cut, which is why our clients choose Jamestown Steel as their supplier of choice for machine parts, heavy baseplates and fabricated beam components.

Because we work to a system of short lead times and competitive pricing, whilst never compromising on quality, engineers, designers, architects and others come back to us whenever heavy steel is what is needed.

Oxy Profiling 80mm Plate - OXY Profiling - Ireland