Plasma Profiling

Our plasma profiling machines have a range of bed sizes and are equipped with extra features so that we may offer our clients the quality of product that they have come to expect from Jamestown Steel, no matter how detailed and complicated their requirements.

Our cutting tables include sizes of 16 metres x 3 metres, 12 metres x 6 metres, 12 metres x 3 metres and 10 metres x 2.5 metres.  This means we have maximum flexibility.  Our state of the art cutting torches range from 260 to 400 amp, and they have full 3D bevelling and integrated drilling heads.

We use the latest software.

The nesting package allows us to maximise plate usage.  The accuracy of our processes ensures a highly economical system that reduces cutting times, scrap, and such ancillary processes as chamfering.

Whenever there is a requirement for high accuracy and smooth edges, Jamestown Steel’s experts will probably recommend plasma profiling.

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