When we are asked to produce complex or intricate designs on materials such as engineering plastic, ceramics, porcelain, glass, copper, bronze, marble, or wood, we will use our versatile water jet machines.  They can also handle stainless steel or aluminium.

Water jet processes do not involve heat, so there is no contamination of the materials. This is particularly important where polished or reflective materials are involved.  The cutting force is minimal, so delicate materials are not damaged by the tension that would be an aspect of more conventional processes.  With most materials, nesting is possible, so the process is both time-saving and economical.  Even on difficult materials, intricate details can be cut with minimal wastage.

Jamestown Steel works with its clients to ensure that the processes we use in every project are the best for the purpose.  Whilst we are, perhaps, best known for our expertise in heavy precision engineering, we also have an excellent reputation for more detailed and delicate work on difficult materials.

Our water jet processes allow us to offer our clients very good value for money when such work is required, as well as the short lead times and flexibility for which we are renowned.

Cutting 20mm Marble Waterjet Stone Cutting  - Waterjet - Dublin